Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation

It's Never too Late ......... to "NEVER FORGET"

Posting information about a fallen officers in the State of Connecticut is not a task the Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation (CLEM) looks forward to doing. However, on occasion, information is developed about a past incident that is not only worthy of placing a name on the memorial, but also fitting is to recoginize how this information came to light.

CLEM has recently added the 147th name to the memorial located at the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden, CT. Constable William (Will) Kinney served the community of Preston, CT in the early 1900's, in fact he was shot and killed in the line of duty while trying to serve an eviction notice on May 6, 1918. He was married and had a two-year old son at home at the time of his murder.

Fast forward 104 years later - CLEM received information regarding the discovery of several news articles relating to the 1918 Kinney tragedy. After this information was confirmed, Constable Kinney's name has been added to the memorial.

From this point forward, Constable Kinney will be honored along with other fallen officers listed on the memorial during the annual Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial in May.

The Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation was initiated by members of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association in 1985 which formed a statewide committee to ensure that a permanent memorial would be erected to honor all officers - local, state, and federal - who had lost their lives while serving the citizens of the State of Connecticut.

In 1989, after four years of fundraising efforts, the first pieces of granite began to arrive at the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden. After several months of construction, the Memorial was dedicated in October 1989.

The Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial is a fitting tribute and a constant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that law enforcement officers make on behalf of everyone. In addition to that tribute, CLEM seeks to assist in supporting surviving families in their times of need.